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The Kuala Lumpur pockmarked-faced pimp Escort

The Malaysian prostitute

The Malaysian prostitute

As it was written before - we were in the Malaysian capital in Kuala Lumpur city.

Ah Lek drags himself away and saunters down a corridor where rooms are located on both sides. The doors of two rooms are shut, but their ceiling fans are rotating. He knows the tootsies are engaged. He walks to an open area where two working ladies are sitting on a long wooden bench, and drops between them. A plump girl puts an arm over his shoulder, and he smiles. Suddenly, the girl twists to his lap and rests her head on his chest. Ah Lek’s face gleams with ecstasy over her shoulder.

The pockmarked-faced pimp shrieks, displaying two gold teeth, ‘Ah! This girl's playful. I played with her before. Only thirty.’

The plump girl jumps from his lap and pulls Ah Lek’s hands. ‘Come! Come to my room.’

Smiling so as not to offend her and shaking his head, Ah Lek breaks free from her grip and returns to the bench. ‘Let me look at the other two girls first.’

Fifteen minutes pass and the door of one room opens. Out steps the customer, a young foreigner, either a Myanmar national or Vietnamese. Ah Lek goes to the room and sticks his head in. Inside sits a chestnut-skinned girl of not more than twenty-five. She is attired in a denim skirt and a tee-shirt, and from her neck hangs a string of colourful beads.

‘She’s new,’ the pockmarked-faced pimp says, standing behind him.

‘Forty only. Slow, slow can play.’


Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee

Ah Lek looks from her face to her feet. Her round face is framed by long hair, her zaftig body, according to his estimate, measures 90-60-90, and her smooth, shapely legs are fit for stocking advertisements. She’s like a lotus in a thrash-filled, muddy pond.

After money exchanges hands, he is clattering the bed with the Kadazan lass. She exudes a flowery scent from her fragrance, enticing him to kiss her on the cheek.

She gently pushes his face away. ‘Cannot kiss.’

‘I pay you ten ringgit extra.’

‘No, I don’t want.’

‘Take the money, don’t be stuck-up.’

She remains silent.

Ah Lek grabs her face with both hands, kisses her lips, and sticks his tongue into her mouth. She tries to push his face away but he resists, his tongue twirling with vigour. With a forceful effort, the prostitute manages to shove his face away.

‘Get out! Get out!’ she yells as a piece of plastic drops to her chest. When she flounces up from the bed, it rolls to the wooden floorboard.

Ah Lek tumbles out of bed and flounders on the floor to regain his balance, stepping on the piece of plastic. He lifts his bare foot.

The piece of plastic is his partial denture of two front teeth! It is broken.

‘I want my money back!’

‘You’ve entered me. No refund.’ She starts to put on her clothes.

‘I haven’t finished yet.’

‘Leave! Leave!’


Not good pimp in Kuala Lumpur

Not good pimp in Kuala Lumpur

Ah Lek dresses up, unlatches the door and slams it open all the way. It hits the wall, producing a loud thud.

‘You bastard! You want to break the door?’

Ah Lek shoves the girl on the shoulder and starts to walk away. From behind, someone kicks him on the buttock. Ah Lek turns round and sees a lass scooting down the corridor. Another person slaps him on the back of the head. He looks behind him and glimpses a young, ugly hooker sniggering and closing the door of her room. Ah Lek tries to chase the first girl, but the pockmarked-faced pimp blocks him.

‘Go away! Go away!’ The pockmarked-faced pimp waves his hand.

Heat boils Ah Lek’s insides. He clumps down the wooden staircase and goes to the brothel next door.

The physical set up is similar and the sex workers are locals – all in the last lap of their careers. He recognizes the hustler wearing a crew-cut from his visit a week ago. ‘Are you looking for your mother?’ the pimp sneers. ‘I don’t have any new stock.’

Ah Lek proceeds to the next pleasure-house and climbs the stairs. ‘Got new girl. Room 12,’ says a bouncer with droopy cheeks sitting on a plastic stool at the stair landing. ‘Very popular and good service.’

He saunters past four rooms, all taken up by nondescript hookers with coffee-coloured complexion. At Room 12, he peeps inside to see a brown-skinned girl with a svelte figure sitting on a plastic chair. Her hair is long, and she is clad in jeans and t-shirt.


The end of the story

The end of the story

Upon seeing him, she raises three fingers, unsmiling. Her curly eyelashes and delicately sculptured features charm him. This is his lucky day, he thinks. She should be worth eighty.

He enters the room and pays her in advance.

The hooker unbuttons and unzips her jeans. Still clad in her t-shirt, she hops to the bed, her back propped against the headboard by two pillows.

Ah Lek steps out of his pants and briefs and hangs them behind the door. He starts to unbutton his shirt.

‘No need to remove your shirt!’ the hooker snorts. ‘Come, quick, quick.’ Ah Lek’s gut twists.

For the next five minutes, she repeats, ‘Quick, quick, quick.’

Ah Lek disengages himself and dresses. If steam could escape from his pores, he would be enveloped in a toxic cloud.

The girl climbs atop a sink supported by a wooden T-beam, squats and starts to wash up. Her agility at the sink makes Ah Lek do a double-take. How can she be a newcomer to the profession?

As he shuffles past the stair landing, he remarks to the bouncer, ‘Good service? The girl’s so arrogant!’

‘You think your thirty ringgit’s very big?’ the bouncer retorts, his voice nonchalant. ‘She’s beautiful. You get what you pay for.’

This is my story came to an end. You are welcome to Malaysia, my friend.


The Kuala Lumpur pockmarked-faced pimp Escort
The Kuala Lumpur pockmarked-faced pimp Escort
The Kuala Lumpur pockmarked-faced pimp Escort
The Kuala Lumpur pockmarked-faced pimp Escort


The pockmarked-faced pimp shrieks, displaying two gold teeth, Ah! This girl's playful. I played with her before. Only thirty. The plump girl jumps from his lap and pulls Ah Lek’s hands. Come to my room.

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